2016 best IED Frequency Jammer Radio Jammers World Wide

Electronic jammer Radio Jammers can block all mobile phone calls including a call to trigger an IED, while a convoy carrying the VIP can speed through safely.
CTS Technologys now offer RCIED JAMMERS IED JAMMING SYSTEM SCREW RF JAMMER COUNTER IED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE Convoy Protection Jammers for both civilian and Military mobile threats. Protecting VIP and Military troop convoys from the threat of roadside bombs or radio – controlled improvised explosive devices (RC-IED) is a high priority and a tactical challenge.
Now available a selection of “ ready to drive solutions” for the threat of road side bombs and organized riots. These vehicles are converted into dedicated, mobile bomb jammers implementing the most effective and reliable Radio Frequency jamming technology available.

1300W Convoy Jamming System No.MCP1.2

Radio Jammers Product Details:

To protect military and VIP team as well as some important place from the road-side remote improvised explosive device (RCIED) attacks is becoming a global challenges and tremendous task in security fileds. The state-of -the -art Tangreat No.MCP 1.2 is designed with ultra-high RF transmission power of 1300 watts, resulting in more coverage distance.
radio jammers
Vehicular Bomb Jamming  system covers the RF communication frequencies from 25MHz to 2500MHz and 25-3800Mhz which are most commonly used by terrorists to detonate road-side bombs (RCIEDs) continuously and simultaneously.
ied jammer radiu jammers
● Equipped with an ultra-broadband frequency bands : 25-2500Mhz. and 25-3800Mhz
● All frequency bands are jammed continuously and simultaneously .
● Designed with shockproof case. Easy of mobility, can be carried like a trolley.
● Device body is no more than 88Kg.
● Integrated back-up battery system for continuous silent operation and fast start .
● Integrated independent “smart active” cooling system .
● System management (activation, control and operation) is carried out via a remote control unit which is installed (in a covert manner) inside the Driver’s console unit.Provided with a on/off switch for each separate frequency band.
● Special RF protection shielding design to make sure the passenger and VIP’s safety .
● Video camera with LCD monitor provides rear viewing and monitoring.

14 bands VIP Convoy Protection Jammers for 100M

ied jammers

High Power 150W~200W Fully Integrated Broad Band Jamming System Radio Jammers, it’s specially customized to accommodate a fully integrated broad band jamming system which provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys or VIP protection. 

Radio Jammers Specification:产品特性(频率已经功率):

  • RF Frequency Band ( MHz ):
  • RF Output Power( Watt ) RF 射频功率输出以瓦为单位
  • -135-175MHz/Walky-talky ( VHF )/15W
  • -310-350MHz/Walky-talky ( UHF300 )/15W
  • -400-480MHz/Walky-talky ( UHF 350 )/15W
  • 4G LTE:725 to 770MHz(American standard) or 790 to 826MHz(European standard) /15W
  • -800-850MHz/Walky-Talky(UHF700/800), TETRA/15W
  • -850-895MHz/Cellular CDMA/TDMA,alky-Talky ( UHF800/900 )/15W
  • -925-960MHz/Cellular GSM900/15W
  • -1520-1580MHz/GPS & Satellite; Thuraya; Iridium; Odyssey; GlobalStar; Inmarsat; Aces; Elipso/15W
  • -1805-1990MHz/Cellular HGSM1800/ DCS,Cellular GSM1900/ PCS (+ PHS )/15W
  • -2110-2170MHz/Cellular UMTS / WCDMA ( 3G )/15W
  • -2400-2500MHz/WLAN & Bluetooth & Wifi/15W
  • 2620 – 2690 4G LTE 15w
  • Total RF Power: upto 300 Watt
  • 总功率150~300W
  • Antenna Type: High Gain Omnidirectional Antennas
  • 天线类型:高增益全向天线
  • Power Supply Source: Additional AC Generator ( 1500W)
  • 交流电发电机
  • Total Power Consumption ( +28VDC ):Max 7000VA
  • 总功耗:( +28VDC ):Max 7000VA
  • Total System Weight: Approx.30~50kg
  • 机器净重30~50Kg
  • Operating Temperature Range:-20Ċ…+50ĊOperating Humidity :Up to 80%
  • 工作温度-20Ċ…+50Ċ  工作湿度高于80%
  • 24*7 long time working with 6 fan cooling system
  • 24*7 24小时长时间工作,多组散热系统支持温度工作
  • Coverage is 50~150M depending on the Environmental(used high gain antennas)
  • 覆盖范围:50~150M 取决于环境的场强强弱
  • Can install the high gain antenna outsize of the car (car roof)
  • 可以在车顶安装高增益天线
  • Can used car power battery working
  • 可以通过电池工作


  • Power cable
  • 电源线*1
  • Antennas
  • 天线*12
  • 射频馈线*12
  • 发电机*1

2016 best IED Frequency  Jammer Radio Jammers for

Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia and  Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Holland Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Montenegro Moldova Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom

(Radio Jammers for Middle East Africa)
Algeria Bahrain Egypt Ghana Israel Ivory Coast Kenya Kuwait KSA Morocco Nigeria Qatar Tunisia UAE Saudi Arabia South Africa

(Ied jammer for Americas)
Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Costa Rica Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Uruguay

(Bomb jammer for Asia Pacific)
Afghanistan Australia Bangladesh Burma Cambodia China HongKong India Indonesia Iran Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Mongolia Myanmar Nepal New Zealand Pakistan Papua New Guinea Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Vietnam

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