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radio jammer system

We are a specialized exporter of all kinds of security products, such as RCIED JAMMERS IED JAMMING SYSTEM SCREW RF JAMMER COUNTER IED EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE
and have been in this post for more than 10 years.
We can help you to find out what you need in security field and both the safety and quality can be guaranteed because we own various contacts in the areas of logistics and security products in China.

Contact information China:

Working Time:( Beijing Time) Monday to Saturday 8:30-12:00 AM 14:30-18:30 PM
(shenzhen city)
Address:No. 105, Ban Tian Qiao Lian Dong, Long Gang district, Shenzhen.
Contact number:86-18676689122 Jeff Teng

(Quan Zhou city R & D department)

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